Is Love Rational Or Irrational?

Are all emotions irrational?

Rarely is an emotion type (love, anger, guilt, jealousy, sadness, joy) either rational or irrational across the board.

It depends on the particular occasion and its circumstances.

Much less does it make sense to say “Emotions are irrational,” as if all emotions fall into the same unfortunate category..

What is the meaning of rational thinking?

Contrary to popular opinion, not all thinking is rational, at least as we would define rational. Rational thinking is the ability to consider the relevant variables of a situation and to access, organize, and analyze relevant information (e.g., facts, opinions, judgments, and data) to arrive at a sound conclusion.

What is irrational behavior?

If you describe someone’s feelings and behavior as irrational, you mean they are not based on logical reasons or clear thinking.

What is the difference between rational and emotional?

So, rational or logical thinking is both a conscious and a non-conscious process. … Emotions may best be defined as “feelings.” Emotions or feelings can be conscious or non-conscious, just like rational thinking. For example, you may feel great joy when you receive a nice compliment from someone.

What are action tendencies?

an urge to carry out certain expressive or instrumental behaviors that is linked to a specific emotion. For example, the action tendency of fear involves an urge to escape, and that of anger involves an urge to attack.

How do emotions affect the way we communicate?

Feelings play a big role in communication. … If you are emotionally aware, you will communicate better. You will notice the emotions of other people, and how the way they are feeling influences the way they communicate. You will also better understand what others are communicating to you and why.

What is l9ve?

Love is complex. A mix of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person.

What makes something irrational?

An irrational number cannot be expressed as a ratio between two numbers and it cannot be written as a simple fraction because there is not a finite number of numbers when written as a decimal. Instead, the numbers in the decimal would go on forever, without repeating.

What is irrational example?

no ratioA real number that can NOT be made by dividing two integers (an integer has no fractional part). “Irrational” means “no ratio”, so it isn’t a rational number. … Example: π (the famous number “pi”) is an irrational number, as it can not be made by dividing two integers.

Can feelings be rational?

From this perspective, emotions can be rational or irrational, depending on whether the object of the emotion warrants the reaction. To feel something you should feel is rational; to feel something you shouldn’t feel, or to not feel something you should, is irrational.

What is the action tendencies of love?

In general, and when not interfered with by other emotions, love has three characteristic action tendencies, which we can also identify with the kinds of desires that it may generate: (1) the desire for reciprocation, (2) the desire to benefit, and (3) the desire to be with, the beloved.

What does irrational love mean?

Sometimes love is illogical and foolish or even harmful, and sometimes it’s perfectly sensible. If you love someone who treats you with disdain and disrespect or who abuses you, your love is irrational. If you are in love with your own fantastical creation of your beloved, your love is irrational.

Are humans rational or emotional?

Daniel Kahneman, Amos Tversky, and other psychologists have demonstrated that humans are systematically, and deeply irrational in their reasoning and decision making. They have shown that we make choices that defy logic.

What is the meaning of rational love?

Rational love is love based upon intellect, reason or spirituality rather than natural love which is based upon instinct, intuition or romance.

What is an emotional thinker?

Emotional thinkers tend to form a quick opinion based on what their feelings are telling them. … Emotional thinkers typically twist the facts in order people to agree with their opinions (their feelings) and can feel challenged if someone disagrees with this. This can often come across as unreasonable or irrational.