Question: What Do You Conclude About Roger From The Way He Teased Henry?

What is the biggest conflict between Ralph and Jack in Chapter 4?

The conflict between Jack and Ralph increases in chapter 4 because Jack kills a pig, and Ralph is angry that he let the fire go out.

From the beginning, Jack and Ralph value different things.

Jack never quite got over the fact that Ralph was chosen leader..

Why does Simon lower his head in shame?

Why does Simon lower his head in shame after giving his meat to Piggy? Because piggy is considered an outsider and since he gave him his meat the other boys laughed at him.

What happens in chapter 4 of Lord of the Flies?

Jack taunts Piggy by mimicking his whining voice. Ralph and Jack have a heated conversation. At last, Jack admits his responsibility in the failure of the signal fire but never apologizes to Piggy. … The boys roast the pig, and the hunters dance wildly around the fire, singing and reenacting the savagery of the hunt.

Why do the Littluns obey the call of the conch?

What are two reasons given for why the littleuns obey the call of the conch? The morning is the best time, afternoon is hunting, and the night is the worst because they are afraid of the beast.

What is the darker shadow?

When Jack calls his name, Roger opens his eyes and sees him: “a darker shadow crept beneath the swarthiness of his skin; but Jack noticed nothing.” This “darker shadow” is the innate evil of Roger which is already on the Garden of Eden island. With the restrains of civilization gone, this evil then emerges.

Why does Jack yell at Simon?

Jack is furious, and yells at Simon to “Eat! Damn you!” He basically realizes he has no power over the boys unless they eat the meat he got for them all. The hunters describe their kill again in gory detail, and continue their chant of “Kill the pig.

Who scares the Littluns by walking around by himself?

Lord of the Flies Chapter 5 Beast from Water QuestionsQuestionAnswerWhat does Ralph think they ought to do before they let the fire go out?”ought to die” (p.81)Who scared the littlun by walking around in the jungle at night?Simon going to his hiding place (p.85)8 more rows

What happens to Percival?

All the emotional venting, as well as the lateness of the hour, makes Percival sleepy, and he begins to yawn and stagger. He whispers his answer to Jack and then falls asleep in the long grass. Jack relates that Percival told him that “the beast comes out of the sea.”

What is Henry doing when Roger comes upon him in Chapter 4?

What is Henry doing when Roger comes upon him? He is poking at sea creatures in the water. What happens to Percival, one of the little ones? He takes a mental break and goes crazy; he stays in one of the shelters for two days.

What does Roger do to Henry?

Roger throws rocks around Henry because of his “superego” insists that he doesn’t throw the rocks at Henry. He throws the rocks due to their being no parental authority telling him not to, but he himself doesn’t hit Henry with the rocks because that isn’t how Roger grew up to behave as when he was learning as a child.

Who is Henry Lord of the Flies Chapter 4?

Henry enjoys playing with “the transparencies” in the tide. He prods and pokes at the native jellyfish, creating channels in the sand, and experiencing the freedom to lord over creatures that are less powerful than him. He enjoys imposing his will on the tiny creatures.

What does Ralph do at the end of Chapter 4?

What does Ralph decide to do at the end of Chapter 4? To call a meeting.

Why was Jack unable to kill the pig in Lord of the Flies?

Why is Jack unable to kill the pig at the end of Chapter One? Jack could not bear with himself killing the pig. He was afraid of all the blood that would appear when stabbing the pig.

Who represents Civilisation and order?

RalphRalph represents order, leadership, and civilization. Piggy represents the scientific and intellectual aspects of civilization. Jack represents unbridled savagery and the desire for power. Simon represents natural human goodness.

What gives Littlun Henry so much pleasure?

What gives Littlun Henry so much pleasure as he pokes at the small forms of life in the pool with a stick? He made little rivers to control where he wanted the transparencies to go. He enjoyed it because it gave him a sense of power and control.

What is revealed about Roger in this chapter Why does he stop short of hitting Henry with the Stones?

Why does Roger stop short of hitting Henry with the stones? “Here, invisible yet strong, was the taboo of the old life. Round the squatting child was the protection of parents and school and policemen and the law.”

What incident shows that Roger is still affected and still held by the learned rules of society?

What incident shows that roger is still affected and still held by the learned rules of society? Roger follows henry to the beach and wants to throw a rock at him . On page 62, what is the “darker shadow”? Why does Jack paint his face ?

How can we see that Jack is used to commanding?

How can we see that Jack is used to commanding? He is head of choir. How do we know that Piggy’s place in this island society is going to be similar to his status in England?