Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Pandemia?

What is the medical definition of a pandemic?

A pandemic is the worldwide spread of a new disease.

An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus emerges and spreads around the world, and most people do not have immunity.

Viruses that have caused past pandemics typically originated from animal influenza viruses..

What is another word for pandemic?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for pandemic, like: global, worldwide, universal, cosmic, specific, limited, cosmopolitan, ecumenical, planetary, catholic and epidemic.

When was the last virus pandemic?

The 1918 influenza pandemic was the most severe pandemic in recent history. It was caused by an H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin. Although there is not universal consensus regarding where the virus originated, it spread worldwide during 1918-1919.

Is the common cold considered a pandemic?

Flu – Symptoms of seasonal influenza are very similar to those of the common cold, except the flu can be distinguished by a high fever and more severe symptoms of the common cold. A pandemic is a global disease outbreak. It is determined by how the disease spreads, not by how many deaths it causes.

Which word does not mean same as Pandemic?

Explanation: Antonyms & Near Antonyms for pandemic. rare, strange, unknown, unusual.

What is the meaning of a plague?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a disastrous evil or affliction : calamity. b : a destructively numerous influx or multiplication of a noxious animal : infestation a plague of locusts. 2a : an epidemic disease causing a high rate of mortality : pestilence.

What means pandemia?

Definition of ‘pandemia’ 1. (of a disease) affecting persons over a wide geographical area; extensively epidemic. 2. a pandemic disease.

Is Pandemia a word in English?

pandemia, pandemy an epidemic of unusually large proportions, affecting most of the inhabitants of a certain area at the same time. — pandemic, adj., n. -Ologies & -Isms.

What is the meaning of frontliners?

frontline workerGenerally, the term frontliner (or frontline worker) is used to refer to anyone who provides an essential service and can’t perform their job from home.

What does vaccine mean?

A vaccine is a substance containing a harmless form of the germs that cause a particular disease. It is given to people, usually by injection, to prevent them getting that disease. Anti-malarial vaccines are now undergoing trials. Fortunately there are two types of vaccine against the disease.

What is the meaning of loquacious?

Loquacious Definition A loquacious person finds it easy to talk a lot and to do it fluently. You might notice that loquacious sounds like other words that have to do with speaking, like eloquence and elocution. All of these words’ roots are tied to the Latin verb loqui, which means “to speak.”

What does full time mean?

If you do something full-time, you spend most of your available time doing it. Working full-time usually means spending around forty hours a week doing your work. You can be employed at a full-time job, or you can be a full-time student.